Business and private


How many plastic bottles of detergent do you throw out per month? How many kilos of bottles does your cleaning staff lift and how much toxicity do they inhale?

From 2021 on, every large company is obligated to do business in an environmentally responsible way. This counts for cleaning as well. Companies who use Blinky-Ecotabs are all good and set as far as CSR goes. They discover the benefits involved regarding human beings, environment and their wallets.

Do you want to care for health, environment and employees as well, without having to pay too much for detergent? Then request a quote without any obligation. From the hours you usually spend on cleaning, we calculate your savings from using Blinky-Ecotabs.

Private use

Cleaning at home while using a sustainable detergent? By using the Blinky-Ecotabs you are good to go. However, the Blinky-Ecotabs are nowhere to be found in a supermarket. This is a pity, as this top-quality product should be available for individuals as well.

That is why we bring the Blinky-Ecotabs to your sink cabinet. The tabs are available in several stores throughout. After all, we want to bring ecological cleaning to your home.